Why should I sweep my facilities?

Debris builds up on asphalt and concrete surfaces, especially after a Minnesota winter. When stones and other large debris are left in the roadways or parking lots, the material can be kicked up at vehicles causing damage. Oil spills and chemical leaks are also common. Sweeping a surface will help to remove this buildup and prevent breakdown. Clean-up of these three items will make your property not only look better but will provide your surfaces a longer life. Maintaining your surfaces will save you money in the long run-on repairs.

On construction projects, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency requires that all sediment on paved surfaces be removed within one calendar day of discovery. This means that all entries and exits from a construction site must be kept reasonably clean, with the streets free of all debris. Developing a consistent sweeping schedule can help keep your site in compliance.

Prior to seal coat, crackfill and striping processes, we recommend a full area cleaning, which in most cases can be swept.

Why perform street sweeping

  • Helps to keep pedestrians safe by keeping debris off the road.
  • Keeps streets well maintained.
  • Helps to protect surface water, and local water quality.
  • When the job site tracking BMPs become full, street sweeping cleans up the debris that ends up in the roadway
    • MPCA SWPPP regulations state “Sediment on paved surfaces must be removed within one calendar day of discovery.”
  • Provides better adhesion for seal coat, crackfill, and striping processes.
  • Allows stormwater to drain more quickly when streets & properties are free of debris
  • When stones, trash, and other debris are left on your roadways, they cause serious problems. Rocks can kick up and damage vehicles.
  • Runners and cyclists may have to detour into highways to avoid colliding with such material.
  • Aesthetic reasons, sweeping makes a property look more well-cared-for and welcoming.
  • Asphalt that is not cleaned up deteriorates as chemicals sit on the surface and break down pavement binder

Types of Sweeping We Offer

  • City Streets
  • Private Streets
  • Parking Lots
  • Construction Site Clean up
  • Underground Parking Structures
  • Parking Ramps

Why should I sweep my above or below-ground parking structure?

Salt and roadway debris are hard on parking structures. Cleaning these facilities can prevent the deterioration of the structure. Sweeping before a restripe will provide the best quality striping job possible.

Why hire Durst Outdoor Services for your sweeping project?

Durst Outdoor Services provides a full range of sweeping services. Offering city streets, private streets, parking lots, underground parking structures, parking ramps, and general construction site clean-up.

Whether you need our sweeping one time or weekly our team can adapt to your needs.